Our aim at Aperture Services Window Cleaning is to cater to all your window cleaning needs. We offer both traditional window cleaning and the water fed pole system which can reach up to the 4th floor! Saving you from a death defying mission (Don’t worry we’re fully insured).

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Aperture Services Window Cleaning

Are you in a townhouse or a flat? We know how difficult it is to clean the windows or find a window cleaner willing to work at your height. As Aperture Services Window Cleaning uses the water fed pole system, we can reach those previously unreachable windows. So if your in a tenement, flat, townhouse, or even a stately home, we can help make your windows shine again!

Window Frame Cleaning Service

At Aperture Services, we don’t just clean your windows, but include your frames, sills and external doors as standard!** So you can be sure of a high quality finish, everytime!

Why choose Aperture Services to clean my windows?

Privacy is important

As all the work is done from the ground, we don’t see through upper windows, meaning added privacy.

Window height is no problem

Previously unreachable windows, possibly due to height or obstruction, can now be reached through our water fed pole system.


No soap or other chemicals are used while cleaning meaning it’s safer for the environment. *

Cleaner for Longer

We use no sticky soap which means your windows will stay cleaner for longer. *

Less Mess in your Garden

No ladders leaning against your property or cutting into your grass.

Safety for all

Safer for us, means safer for you. No ladders means dramatically lowered risk to you or your property.

* Applies to water fed pole system only.

** Please note that there are some frames, sills and external doors that cannot be cleaned for various reasons. Please contact us with your requirements and we’ll let you know if we can provide this service for you.